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Our services include:
  • commercial
  • residential
  • multi-family units
  • restaurants
  • specialty finishes
  • airbrushing
  • airless sprayers
  • pot sprayers
  • spray stain
  • lacquer
  • walkthrough check sheets
  • touch up kits
  • company letter to new home owner
  • serviceman at final walkthrough
  • off site painting
  • on site painting
  • projects
  • custom homes
  • procedures

Quality and Service

The quality starts with primer, all our walls have three coats of product. we sand between coats and use a light to check the walls for deficiencies. we spray all of the trim and woodwork in the unit, this also gets three coats all woodwork is caulked and all brad nail holes get filled 2 times to ensure that most holes are invisible. Attention to detail is our mainstay, crisp cut in lines and color division is high on our list.

Our Procedures

We roll the prime coat on all walls. Primer usually is tinted to the color if it is available. 1 day should be scheduled for priming, if we have more time we could cut and roll the first coat as well but it is not necessary. Check list to be completed including workmanship of drywall. At this time the dry wall crew should come back and do deficiencies

After the finisher is complete we prep and spray all doors, trim and casing attic access panel handrails (if available,) pre paint uninstalled base if available or needed, apply first coat in unit, finish all closets finish bathrooms after first coat is applied. We will repair any damage to drywall caused by construction. Checklist is completed to ensure quality